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Exhibiting at a trade show for the first time can sometimes be a scary step into the unknown, so it’s important to think about why you are attending the show/event.  Are you introducing a new product line?  Looking to do more networking?  Trying to find new customers?  Maintaining marketplace presence?  Or are you updating your brand or message?

Thinking about what kind of exhibitions will best suit your needs is also key.  Attending a huge exhibition as a small business isn’t always the best decision, as you may get drowned out by all the other exhibitors. Sometimes smaller but more specific exhibitions are better.

exhibition budgeting and cost


This is the million dollar question. It is hard to put a price point on the costs associated with exhibiting, as there are so many variables. Costs can vary from show to show and are dependent on many aspects such as stand size, position in a hall, style of your stand, design and how cool and quirky you want to go with it, or with which bells and whistles you choose to add on.

Before making any real decisions about the kind of stand you would like, make sure you have decided upon a reasonable budget. Contributing factors can depend on what you are expecting as a return on investment, how many sales, leads, appointments and what the value of the exhibition to your business will be. Keep an eye out for our Guide to Exhibition Budgeting coming soon!

Once you are clear on this, we can make sure your budget is well used to give you the most engaging exhibition stand for your personal budget.


Good question, and this one is much easier to answer. It depends on one major factor: how often are you going to exhibit at a trade show? If the answer is more than 3-4 times a year, then it is worth buying your stand. If you are attending 1-2 times a year then renting a modular system is more cost-effective.

Whether you opt for exhibition stand hire or bespoke stand build, our team will advise on the best value for your money including the building, the breaking down, the storage, the maintenance and the logistics of exhibition stand and accessories. This is where we excel, our knowledge and advice can make your trade show a real success.

3B offer a complete exhibition management service. If you buy or rent your stand, we will take care of all the exhibition needs, if you want us to we can offer exhibition stand storage and maintenance. The beauty of this is – if you buy your stand, you own it, but we store it, build it, maintain it and take all the hassle out of the logistics that come with trade shows.

If you rent your stand we either use it once and then dispose of the display graphics, or you can take the graphics and use them elsewhere within your business. Or you have the option to rent the stand again next year in the same layout with new exhibition display options or create a completely new configuration.

exhibition stand building


For those of you with exhibiting experience, you will know that when it comes to Build up and Breakdown day at exhibitions, it doesn’t matter how organized you think you are, it will always be total carnage. Think: contractors everywhere, hundreds of vans trying to unload in a space too small for them, and stress at an all-time high, add to this fatigue after days of standing on your stand – it is safe to say the logistics can be “challenging”.

The best way to lower your stress levels and increase your preparation for the event itself, is to let us completely manage this part and all of the logistics of exhibiting for you. Why worry about the build of the stand and making sure everything gets where it needs to be, when you and your team, should be focusing on preparing how you are going to knock the socks off your potential new clients.

3B’s aim is to make sure your trade show as simple and easy for you as possible. We promise to completely remove the hassle of build and breakdown from your shoulders… And breathe!

Exhibitions are like BBQs


Over stock…….on everything. There is nothing worse than running out of your products if they have been insanely popular. All it takes is for one big lead to come to your stand too late and you have nothing left to give them. This is the same principal as when holding a BBQ. It is important to always have too much meat and too much beer. Exhibitions are valuable and making the most of your time at them is essential.

If you are serving food samples make sure you get a supplier close to the event to hold some extra stock so if you look like you are running low you can ask someone to pop out and get some more. Or have someone on standby to deliver some more if necessary.
If you are giving away promotional items then make sure you have more than you need, you can always use them after the show or at other shows in the future.


Of course. There are very few other opportunities that give you the same access to mass amounts of clients who are actively looking for new suppliers, to get involved with new companies and to even learn to love new brands. It is not cold calling or searching for new business, it is talking to people who are already interested in your area.

But we can’t stress enough how important it is to do your research. Pick a show that you think has the right target audience based on visitor profiles and choose the ones that will have the people you want to be in front of. All good show organisers should have this information so don’t be afraid to ask them. It is also a good idea to collect data from the people who do attend your show as there are some amazing apps out there that will make the follow ups afterwards so much easier for you.

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