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Outdoor displays are a great way to showcase your brand. Whether it is a simple A-frame sign, display board or a stand-alone sign outside your company premises, the key is to maximise the exposure of your brand to reach your audience and direct them to your website or store.

Digital advertising keeps changing the face of marketing communications but using traditional signage to promote your brand has always proved to drive business and remains one of the most effective forms of marketing.

Whether you are looking to highlight your brand outside your premises, attending a trade fair, hosting or sponsoring an event using various types of outdoor advertising will help you stand out from the crowd. We have put together a small guide to what you could do to maximise the exposure of your brand and get noticed with various types of signs. Wherever you choose your brand to be seen, here at 3B Design and Print, we can make engaging signs guaranteed to draw attention to your business.

Whether it is branding outside of your building, wayfinding signage or simply outdoor banners, we have got it covered.

We can produce everything from simple flat-signage, all the way to modern, standoff signage with protruding printed letters. If you’re looking to draw attention to your company building, a simple yet large flat, DiBond sign is one of the most common ways to achieve this. With your company logo UV printed directly onto a DiBond board, with a nice high-gloss laminate on top, passersby are sure to notice your company.

Wanting to impress visitors or potential clients? Why not think about a company slogan or logo, UV printed to your branding specifications directly to 10mm clear perspex, mounted onto a backdrop of dibond. The 3D signage really does become a talking point in the office. We even have one in our reception – UV printed plywood with mounted brushed aluminium letters on top.

A much brighter idea would be to consider having illuminated signage. A small lightbox can go a long way at trade shows! They look modern, clean and definitely catch eyes as they wander pass. A well-positioned light box can be the difference between a small stand selling products, and a small stand selling their brand – every companies dream is to have their brand recognised globally, why not start with an illuminated lightbox beaming your logo across the building?

At 3B we have all the tools, machinery and materials to make your signage dreams come true. With a UV Flatbed printer, we can print onto most materials with confidence. With the same machine we can even print Gloss/Matte, which really do show off the capabilities of our machines. With our 1.6 4 colour roll-fed printer, we can print onto most rolls of media. Banners, stickers, posters; all are easily printed and with our new bulk-ink system, our turnarounds are quicker than ever.

But our machines don’t stop at printers – we have a laser cutter which can effortlessly cut through perspex, card, paper, and thin plywoods. It leaves a beautiful edge once cut as well – crystal clear edges on perspex is an easy task. We also have a CNC router, which can cut through most materials with ease and speed, meaning that any sign you order will have a beautiful edge, no rough edges, no burrs, splinters or mis-cuts – all cuts are dead straight with a smooth finish.

Use signage as a way of directing traffic to your website and creating telephone enquiries. At the end of the day it is all about getting the required results from your outdoor advertising.

Our team of creatives is here to come up with engaging displays to grab the attention of your audience.

Whether you are looking to get an understanding of the types of signage to suit your requirements, the features of different media or requiring a full rebrand of your outside, we can’t wait to hear about your ideas.

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