See how we helped transform the reception hub for Addenbrookes Charitable Trust.

The Aim

The aim of the project was to create a reception area that is easy to clean, draws attention, and will entise people to donate more with an easy to use, contactless card payment section.


Recently we worked with Addenbrookes Charitable Trust to create some bespoke signage, to aid them to increase their donation pool. The new signs needed to be eye-catching to visitors and volunteers alike.

Working with Addenbrookes Charitable Trust, we helped them to:

  • Design & fit an interactive display area
  • Install a contactless way to donate
  • Increase footfall to this area
  • Increase awareness of the charity in the hospital
  • Create an engaging workspace for volunteers
  • Create a welcoming space for the public, with refreshments and areas to relax

Resulting in..

The creation of a fundraising hub to capture peoples attention, which lead to a 100% increase in contactless donations.


3B helped us increase our charities visibility in the hopsital, and have given our team of volounteers a really nice, engaging space to wok from. The spaces have already seen a significant increase in donations to the charity.

Addenbrookes Charitable Trust

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