3B Take on Mount Snowdon

See how we got on with conquering Mount Snowdon as a team.

The Aim

Fairly obvious – to get to the top of Snowdon and back down, with us all still in one piece. 


Firstly, thank you to everyone who donated to our amazing cause. We managed to raise over £1,500 for the Thorpe Hall Hospice in Peterborough, and we can’t thank each and every one of you enough for your support and very generous donations.

We set off on Saturday afternoon and headed to a very wet and windy North Wales, going to the Youth Hostel in Nant Gwynant. Youth Hostelling was a new experience for some and avery distant fond memory for others. Rachel set up a pop-up hair salon for Kirsty and Jess who turned up with platted hair and Mackenzie and Luke had a fair few beers for courage. After a night’s kip and a cooked breakfast on Sunday morning, we set on our way to our start point, the Rangers Path.

Surprisingly, when we turned up and the sun was shining (yes, we said sun, in Wales). After a few stretches, we set off. The weather was very kind to us and clear most of the way. With stunning views from every angle. Snacking without guilt by all, Luke, Josh and Edward trying mountain fresh water for the first time and Dave getting rather excited about the oncoming mountain bikers along the way.

As we got further up we were hidden in the clouds, and the wind was very strong for the remaining ascent to the summit. There was not much of a view from the top, other than a very proud 3B team!

With everyone reaching the summit, all that was left to do was to celebrate and fly our flag, after Edward falling arse over tit with it in the wind, whoops.

North Wales and Snowdon were great and totally worth it, even if there were some sore legs on Monday morning.

All that is left to say is another massive thank you for your support, until next time.


I’m never climbing another mountain again. 

Luke Herbert

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