Artwork design, 3D renders, initial concepts, office designs.

FIle Design

Need to order some print, but don’t have a design yet? We can design your files ready to be printed. 

concept drawings

Not sure what you want yet? Let us come up with some concept drawings for you, to aid you in your decision.

Exhibition Design

We can design your exhibitions from scratch, and supply you with detailed, scale drawings that replicate how your stand will look.

Office design

If you’re tired of blank walls and empty spaces, we can visually recreate your office to show what different signage will look like.

printing services

Rebranding? Let us take the stress away.

We can rebrand your stationery and signage for you. Give us the brief, and we’ll get to work.  

Great customer care from these guys, nothing was too much trouble and their communication was excellent! Top quality products; we shall definitely be using them again.

Tom Harlock

20Twenty Productions

The Exhibition Process

Interested in how our design process works for exhibitions? Read below for how to create, from scratch, the custom stands we manufacture for our customers.  Want to chat further about our processes? Use the contact form below to get in touch with us! 

Initial Brief

Once we’ve recieved your brief, we’ll design a stand that suits your needs. We will create a few variations of the stand, with different layouts, for you to discuss with your team.

Refined Concept

Based on your feedback of the inital drawings, we’ll refine your stand. If you have artwork already created, we will incorporate this into the design, so you can get a feel for how it looks. 

Final Concept

The final stage of designing; all graphics are incorporated into the stand, with a floor and any extras you may wish to have. Furniture and TVs are all on stand for you to see.