Our take on how to engage potential customers and clients onto your stand.

Have a new, custom stand but are struggling to get delegates to engage?


Your branding and marketing messages are clear. Your service or product range is at the forefront of your stand.

So, why aren’t you getting visitors on your stand?

Engaging delegates at your next event is no easy feat. There is no clear-cut solution to ensure passing traffic stops at your stand. However, there are a few tools you can use to try to promote visitor engagement. However… when do these tools become fads which cast a wide net, rather than enticing the delegates you want to attract?

There can often be a fine line between the two, depending on what your aims are. For example, if you are exhibiting at a show with a very particular focus, you likely already have the perfect audience in front of you to target. In this case casting a wide net would suit your needs fine. Try competitions, on stand give aways, interactive demos, touch screen challenges… any engaging way to get people gravitating towards your stand and a way to promote interacting with you.

However, if you are at an event that is not concentrating on a particular trade, for example, then often a narrower engagement approach is key. What could work best for this? Well, the main question to think about is “what do I want to get out of this show?” Once you know the answer to this it will help streamline your approach into achieving the end result; then you can work backwards.

Again, remember to ensure whatever you choose is always relevant to your brand, product or service. We have seen the reverse so many times. For example, delegates attracted to a stand to get the free cuddly teddy on offer, who leave with no idea what that brand or service was. The free product had nothing to do with the brand and so the exhibitor may get many leads due to the giveaway, but they are all weak. Chances are when they follow up with an email to those leads a few days after the event, the delegates won’t remember talking to that business.

Retail example:

Showcase shopper analytics on interactive screens which rate people’s ages and emotions as they walk past, grabbing attention. “Can it guess my age correctly?” – provides business with a talking point. Wholesale example: product launch at the trade show. Creates a buzz. Invite clients to the show to be in with a chance of trialing the new product for a week – before anyone else. This encourages those with an invested interest to attend the show, could target current clients and prospects and aim to get more by the end of event.


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