Exhibitions give you a fantastic opportunity for showcasing your brand and are a great way of generating leads for your business; Face to face at the trade show is known to provide great return on investment providing you follow some basic rules.

What is the key to get your exhibition stand work to for you? Whether you have opted for shell scheme or space only, buy or hire, the key is adding special features to make it look extraordinary and most importantly get all elements of it working towards achieving your business goals.

You only have a few seconds to grab people’s attention, with a limited number of sales staff to get your message across. So, how do you make sure your stand elements are engaging with the audience?

To maximise the opportunities your trade show offers, during the limited time frame of a show, we have covered the details for you.

We have put together a list of fantastic features that will optimise your trade show expo unit. Don’t forget to make sure your stand and all the furniture within have a purpose too.

Planning an exhibition can be daunting, so here are some handy tips:

Draw attention with a bright illuminated display


The illuminated feature within your stand will naturally draw the visitors’ gaze. You can never go wrong with a lightbox, even a small one can be eye-catching and add a bit of wow to your stand. The benefits of investing in an LED light box is that it can be re-used in your office or reception, bringing that extra bit of engagement to your office space.

The face of the lightbox is easily exchangeable, so you can tailor your message to suit your requirements every time you exhibit.


Digital Screens provide an opportunity to convey a message, in an instant – saving a thousand words! Apps available for tablets give you an opportunity to collect visitors’ data by scanning their badge. Above all they can be a source of endless information about your brand. They act as an extra sales force, when your team is busy drumming up leads. A visitors’ data collection app on your smartphone can do the job of getting your leads’ contact details. Ask us to implement interactive screens on your stand to carry your marketing message.

Make the most of interactive technology

It is worth to invest in nice looking stand furniture


There are number of companies who provide furniture hire services at the exhibition venues and often show organisers can provide you with contact details. The best and most cost-effective solution is to get your exhibition stand provider to sort these out for you; this way you can be sure they fit in nicely with your stand. Remember the furniture is not just tables and chairs it is also literature racks, lockable cabinets and coat racks. Maximise the use of space on the front, back, and sides of your reception desk with branded vinyls, fabric wraps, or your logo signs.


And what do we mean by this?

This can be anything from a mobile phone charging point that will keep your audience with you for longer, or offering a snack or drink, or a competition on the day. Be bold. Your ideas will get people wanting to stop and talk to you.

Or why not include a Competition?

If you cannot think of something ‘different,’ inviting delegates to take part in a competition is always a good ice-breaker and a good way of getting hold of contact details, especially if all your staff are engaged with other visitors. ‘Win a Bottle of Champagne’ may seem a bit of a cliché idea but people love it.

Engage your audience with a Unique Exhibition Point

It is worth to invest in nice looking stand furniture


3D Lettering mounted to the walling or counters will make your logo stand out. If you are hiring a stand or have one already, adding customised features such as acrylic, polystyrene, aluminium letters or logo would make your stand look unique. The 3D signs can be later used in your reception or office.


Design your sales collateral to drive your audience to your website. Create a landing page dedicated to the show. Keep it short and visual, to tie in with your stand. Remember visitors likely already have a bag full of swag and collateral – don’t blend in!

Multi fold leaflets are perfect for trade shows

Pack your branded USB stick with your Portfolio and Case Studies


There is a lot of choice out there, and, yes, it works!

Promotional merchandise is something tangible that your audience will hold onto, possibly for a few weeks or even months. But what is hot and what is not?

Ideally your branded gifts will be custom made, quirky and practical. A simple pen can serve on average for about 6 months but often you want to come up with something more original. Challenge us with a customised promotional product for your brand. If you can think it, we can make it.


Last, but not least, make sure your first aid kit includes sweets, energy drinks and paracetamol tablets. You are up for a long day so keeping your team energised and in high spirits is crucial.

Sales lead competitions and incentives for the team make the day more fun and productive.

Keep your sales team energised

Whether you are looking to refresh your exhibition stand or simply jazz up your existing one with engaging elements, our exhibition experts at 3B Design & Print can’t wait to hear about your next project.