Eye catching display stands that are guaranteed to draw a crowd at the shows you attend.

Thinking of attending exhibition shows?


We’ve got you covered, from start to finish.

3B Design and Print offer an all-included exhibition service. Our aim is to take all all the stress away from you that surrounds planning and attending shows throughout the year. From the initial concept through to final breakdown, we will ensure the process runs as smooth, and stress free for you as possible. We’ve got all the logistics covered, so you can focus on having a great show.

We offer a range of solutions to exhibition stands. Take a look at below for our different stand types, and examples that we’ve previously built.


Rental exhibition stand
Rental exhibition stand


Our modular stands can be built to almost any size. With a innovative bar-comb technology, we can offer seamless graphics to your stand. Commendable for being easy to self-install.

shell scheme stand

Shell scheme

Our shell-scheme stands are built to fit inside specific areas. Typically produced out of an environmentally friendly rigid board, we can make your shell area stand out from the crowd.

shell scheme stand

custom stand

Big and bold; our custom stands are sure to leave an impression with any show-goers, and are guaranteed to attract attention. The only limit to these stands is the space you purchase!

bespoke exhibition stands

Brew Tea 'Original' Stand

We worked with Brew Tea to create a vibrant stand that made sure they stood out from the crowed halls of an exhibition hall. Keeping their distinct yellow brand in mind, we created this custom stand for them.

Brew Tea 'Summer Tea' Stand

Following the success of their original stand; Brew Tea asked us to create a fresh stand to promote their new range of Summer Ice Tea beverages. Complete with a fridge 

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you and your team. (We live in a world where thanks are never said enough). The guys arrived at our stand on Sunday and went completely out of their way to get us ready to go. You have the best team working with you and they are a credit to you. The guys took some tea back with them, along with pots and scoops so I hope you are enjoying some nice brews

Brew Tea Co

The Exhibition Process

Interested in how our design process works for exhibitions? Read below for how to create, from scratch, the custom stands we manufacture for our customers.  Want to chat further about our processes? Use the contact form below to get in touch with us! 

Initial Brief

Once we’ve recieved your brief, we’ll design a stand that suits your needs. We will create a few variations of the stand, with different layouts, for you to discuss with your team.

Refined Concept

Based on your feedback of the inital drawings, we’ll refine your stand. If you have artwork already created, we will incorporate this into the design, so you can get a feel for how it looks. 

Final Concept

The final stage of designing; all graphics are incorporated into the stand, with a floor and any extras you may wish to have. Furntiure and TVs are all on stand for you to see. 

Stand Extras

So you’ve got a custom stand built for you – why not bring along something that matches your branding and really draws attention? Budvar bought along an old-school motorcycle to their show. How cool is that?

Illuminated Signage

Our stands aren’t just timber panels screwed together. We’ll dress your stand in a fashion that reflects your brand, and looks awesome. For Budvar, we created an hanging LED sign, and hammered copper counter tops. We go the extra mile.

We started using 3B Design in 2018  for our exhibition and display needs and they slotted perfectly into working with our existing creative agency and members of the wider business. The projects they have delivered have been a real asset to the business and help us to achieve our key goals of trial and awareness with both consumer and trade.


Here to help you.

We will go above and beyond for you in a number of ways. Want to change the layout slightly of your stand on site? Not a problem. Need extra extension leads for your show-standees to use? Not a problem. Need to store stock behind the stand that’s easily accessible? Not a problem. We are there to service you – and make life easy for the people running the stand.