Read on to find out our take on this question, and how we think an attractive space helps employees.

The Aim

Everyone wants to have an exciting and inclusive place to work. Here’s our take on the question; does an attractive office space promote productivity?


It certainly does!

A team from Warwick Business School used results from an online game called Scenic-Or- Not, which features 217,000 images from around Britain and asks people to rate them according to their “scenic-ness”. The highest ranked pictures are broadly predictable: snow-capped mountains, tree-banked rivers, wild seascapes.

The research argues that the implications for business are profound.

“People spend a lot of time at work and their environment definitely affects them. So if pleasant scenery makes people feel better, there’s a good case that the scenic-ness of their working environment will have a similar effect.”*

“Longer distance views, away from computer screens or written documents, allow the eyes to adjust and re-focus, which reduces fatigue, headaches and the effects of eye strain in the long term. Views also have a positive impact on wellbeing, in part by providing a psychological connection with other groups of people while in a safe space”*

Unfortunately, not all offices have a scenic view from the window and unless you have the resources to move to a brand new building overlooking the Thames or build a roof terrace in your existing one, we have a cost effective solution for refreshing your office.

How green is your office?

Recent research found that green office spaces have a positive impact on wellbeing by increasing brain activity and lowering stress hormones. A Harvard University paper  found that the cognitive performance of “green” office workers was double that of those working in conventional spaces.

Apple has said that 80% of the site of its new headquarters being built in California will be green space.

Let us take care of your green office spaces, by incorporating a range of low-odour greenery, sure to promote a positive attitude within the workplace. 


A great way of brightening up any dull office walls. Surprisingly affordable.

Vinyl Stickers

Cost effective way of drawing attention to any walls that are wasted space. A great way 

Interactive Points

A great way of engaging potential customers, why not install some interactive points?

Illuminated Signage

A great way to draw attention; illuminated signage is always a winner when installed.

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