Get to know your paper sizes. 

Not sure what the different sizes paper comes in? Hopefully this helps.

Ever fancied creating something quirky and cool for your next marketing campaign or looking for some stationery but just never sure where to start with sizing? Well fear no more, as we have cleverly come up with a quick and simple guide to the A series paper sizing, so you’ll always know your A’s from your 0’s.

Let’s start with A4. We’re all used to receiving this in the form of letter and bills, this is the size that usually arrives in your post. We use it with desk printers in the office and it’s probably the most recognisable of the A series, so it’s a great place to start.

A4 measures at 210mm x 297mm. To get a bigger sheet of paper we’ll double this and we’ll end up with an A3 sheet (297mm x 420mm.) If we double our A3 sheet, we would have an A2 (which is really just 4 A4’s put together to make one big sheet of paper) and if we double our A2, we’d have an A1. The biggest of the A series is A0.

The bigger the sheet of paper the lower the A number.

This method also works the other way to find out a smaller size. So if we folded an A4 in half we would end up with an A5 sheet. (148mm x 210mm) if we folded it in half again we’d have an A6 – you see where this is going…

To help you out a bit here are some other common measurements.

The standard size for business cards is 85mm x 55mm. This is the perfect little size to help get your message across but small enough to keep in your pocket.

Compliment slips are usually printed on what’s known ad DL size – This is the same size as a third of an A4 if you divide the sheet horizontally. The finish size is 210mm x 99mm.



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