So, you have booked your space at your next trade show. And so begins the minefield of jobs that you have to do, in order to make the event a success. Where do you start?

Logistics? Staffing? Products? Stand? Sales targets? Hotels? Marketing? Following up leads? Stock?

Luckily the 3B team are on hand to help take away some of your headaches and lower your stress levels during the lead up to, and the event itself. We offer complete exhibition design, logistics and stand solutions; alongside our in-house print services for all of your literature and stationery needs.

So how can this help you?

I am going to sprinkle a little perspective on this, so bare with me. If you have a problem with your heating, do you try and fix it yourself? If your car needs new brakes, do you fit them yourself? Or if you are building an extension, do you start laying foundations yourself?

The answer is no, why would you want to? You get an expert in.

So why would you want to waste your valuable time on designing and building an exhibition stand whilst figuring out the logistics and all the other little details needed? Instead, you could be focused on preparing during the lead up to the event and getting some rest in the night before, rather than trying to install a pop up in a mad panic the evening before.

In most cases, the impression your stand gives off will make or break on whether a potential new customer comes over to talk to you, and you get that all new and important sales lead.  So why leave it to chance? Let our team of experts help plan out your stand to not only give you a strong visual presence but also give you the functionality you need for the event.

Having us manage your event also opens up your options to the type of stands available. When planning a stand that you know you will have to put together, you would be silly to not pick something quick and simple to set up, such as roller banners or a pop-up type stand. Whereas we can open up your options to include anything from; modular to completely custom-built stands to fit your need. We can even come up with solutions for expo units that are made to tour, for those of you who exhibit throughout the year or around the world!

Logistics can be challenging, especially if you need a lot of stock for the event. Arranging multiple couriers to turn up at the same time can be challenging to say the least. We can work with you to take all of your stock to your stand and even start unpacking your products for you, so when you turn up there is the bare minimum to do, sounds good right?

Put on a show, relax and engage with your audience

You know that point at the end of the show, when you are aching, shattered and ready to go home and that wonderful man announces over the tannoy that the event is now over? Well, our team will arrive to break down your stand for you. This means you can put your feet up and have that well deserved beer much sooner, or get a head start on following up with your great new leads.

The way to look at it is, what could you do with all of that extra time you will save yourself? The possibilities are endless and whatever your budget we can create something extraordinary!

We would love to hear from you and talk about your next trade show, let’s see what we can offer you! Call our team on 01354 653 826 today.