Office Refit for AB Comms

See how we helped transform the London offices for AB Comms.

The Aim

The aim of the project was to create an office space that was both practical to use, and encouraging to work in. These were the results.


AB Comms approached us for some help with their London offices. They wanted to brand the entire office with vibrant wallpaper, vinyl stickers and neon signage. They also wanted a functional peg board that was a custom size, printed with the River Thames. We created:

  • One wallpaper section, in line with their vibrant blue branding that customers see as they walk in
  • One desk wrap with the same vibrant blue branding
  • One neon sign featuring their ‘AB’ logo, installed on a curved pillar by the entrance
  • Three custom made peg boards, printed with the River Thames throughout that line up

The main two challenges were installing the neon sign on a curved pillar, and manufacturing the custom peg boards.

Installing neon signage can always be tricky, due to the fragile nature of the product. Being as careful as we can, we installed spacers that were different lengths, that allowed us to install it on the pillar with ease. 

Manufacturing anything out of MDF with lots of holes in can always be challenging, as their is a risk that it could smoulder and eventually, catch light. We purchased a new toolbit for our CNC, that was an Upcut piece; this meant all the heat would be driven up out of the board, not downwards. With fire extinguishers on-hand, we monitored it’s progress throughout the day. It took a whopping 9 hours to cut the three peg boards. That’s a lot of holes! 

This office was transformed with these graphics, and is a project we’re incredibly proud of.

We love our new office, especially the neon signage. Thanks guys! 

AB Comms

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